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Sending attachments

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We accept attachments to daily allowance applications online. Through the links above both the applicant and the employer can send us attachments. Sending the attachments happens as follows:

  1. Social security number
  • Fill in your social security number in the Social security number field in the form 050980-123X
  1. Choose the type of attachment according to the attachment you are sending. The options are:
  • Salary certificate
  • Employment certificate
  • Lay-off certificate
  • Notice of termination
  • Weekly working hour clarification
  • Contract of employment
  • Tax card
  • Other attachment

Other attachment means an attachment that is not listed.

  1. Choose the attachment you want to send from your computer by clicking “Browse…”. The maximum size of the attachment is 2 Mt. The format of the attachment can only be a file format listed below:
  • PDF (Adobe Acrobat document)
  • JPEG (image file)
  • TIFF (image file)
  1. Enter security text

Type the black text visible on the white base to the empty field on the right.

After you have entered the needed information on the fields, you can send the attachments to YTK by clicking “Send attachments”.

By clicking "Reset" you can empty the fields.   If necessary, call our customer service 02 760 7620 for assistance in sending the attachments.


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