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Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
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Filling in the application

Earnings-related daily allowance is applied for with a separate application. The easiest way to apply is to fill in the form in YTK’s electronic OmaYTK. The first time you sign in it is done with your bank’s identifying codes. After this the user name is your membership number you can find in Oma YTK and the password you can create in OmaYTK. If you do not have identifying codes from your bank, you ask for OmaYTK passwords to be sent to you by mail.

The applications for earnings-related daily allowance can be found in your hometown employment office or on our website under ”Forms”. If you do not use Oma YTK, fill in the form carefully in writing and mail it to Yleinen työttömyyskassa YTK, PL 100, 32201 LOIMAA.

Earnings-related daily allowance is always applied for retroactively.

The allowance must be applied for in periods of at least four weeks, a month or a calendar month. The initial application can however be sent for the period of two weeks. Send the next application when four weeks have passed since the first application.


You become completely unemployed 13.1.2014. You apply for a daily allowance for the first time and can send a two week application to the fund, for the period 13.1.2014 – 26.1.2014. Because the allowance cannot be applied for in advance, you can fill in the application in Oma YTK or mail it to the fund on 27.1.2014 at earliest. The next application period can be four weeks, a calendar month or a month. (If you are paid work income during the application period, see "Adjusted allowance ".) The second application can be for 27.1.2014 – 23.2.2014 or 27.1.2014 – 26.2.2014. The most recommended period for a completely unemployed is in this case the period of four weeks. Remember to mark the date and sign the form.

The daily allowance must be applied for during three months from the date from which it is wanted to begin. It is important that you send the form to the fund within the period, even if it is still missing an attachment. Also continuing applications need to be sent to the fund within three months. The application will be handled from the day onwards, when it arrives at the fund. Send in the missing attachment when it arrives.

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