Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
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Ending the membership

Ending your membership of the unemployment fund

You can resign from the YTK unemployment fund by filling in the resigning notice, or by sending us a notice by e-mail to eroilmoitus@ytk.fi In your informal notice, state your name and membership number or date of birth. You can send the notice by mail, fax or email. Please note that you will have to pay YTK’s membership fee for the calendar year during which you have been a member of YTK. If the membership fee is not paid, YTK will have to discontinue your membership. This means that you cannot transfer the membership and employment periods from YTK to the new unemployment fund.

If you start entrepreneurial activities, you can maintain the membership in the employee’s fund for a maximum of 18 months, if you want. This entitlement is called post protection entitlement and it covers the period of time during which the employee, who has become an entrepreneur and then unemployed, can be entitled to unemployment daily allowance based on employment predating the entrepreneurship. If the entrepreneurial activities continue after the post protection period, you have to end your membership in the employee’s fund yourself.

We recommend joining an entrepreneur’s fund immediately at the start of your entrepreneurial activities. Only as a member of an entrepreneur’s fund you accumulate the entrepreneur’s employment condition. If you join an entrepreneur’s fund when you start your entrepreneurship, you have to send us a notice of ending your membership. There are two entrepreneur’s unemployment funds in Finland, Suomen Yrittäjäin Työttömyyskassa (www.syt.fi) and The Unemployment Fund for Entrepreneurs and the Self-Employed (www.ayt.fi).

If you are starting entrepreneurial activities or are thinking about it, you should always contact an unemployment fund, so that you will receive correct information about your rights and possibilities concerning unemployment security.

If you are retiring, a membership in an unemployment fund no longer benefits you. In this case, send us an informal notice of ending your membership by email to eroilmoitus@ytk.fi or as a message through OmaYTK. In your message, include at least your name and membership number or date of birth and the date from which you wish to end your membership in YTK. Please note that your membership fee has to be paid for the calendar year during which you have been a member of YTK.

If you are transferring to old age pension from unemployment daily allowance’s additional days and you need a certificate of paid unemployment benefits, notify us of the date from which you are applying your pension. We can write you a certificate after you have been paid daily allowance for at least one day during the month that predates the beginning of your pension. See further instructions in Benefits ABC under Entitlement to additional days.

Suspension of a member

If you fail to pay YTK’s annual membership fees, the fund will suspend your membership. In addition, a misdemeanour in joining or during membership as described in chapter 4 of the Unemployment Funds Act can lead to a member’s suspension from YTK. Also, if a member's entrepreneurial activities continue for more than 18 months, they cannot be a member at YTK and will be suspended if YTK has been informed that the member has started entrepreneurial activities.

A member, who does not pay the annual membership fee, can be suspended from the fund from the day, from whereon the payments are unpaid. In practice, suspension from YTK due to unpaid membership fees happens in retrospect during the next year, from that moment onwards from whereon the membership fees are unpaid. In the reminder, which is the hearing meant in the Unemployment Funds Act, it is told what implications it has not to pay the membership fee.

The unemployment fund can also suspend a member after a hearing, if

  • they have given false or misleading information in joining
  • they have dishonestly notified the fund or kept from the fund a matter that affects the amount of daily allowance or the right to claim daily allowance
  • they refuse to follow the fund’s rules or instruction given by the fund’s board.

Only an employee can be YTK’s member. If you start your own business while you are a member of YTK, you can maintain your membership in the fund for a maximum of 18 months from the beginning of your business activities. Once the member has worked as an entrepreneur for over 18 months, they must be suspended.

In YTK the decisions about suspending a member is made by the CEO. Before suspension the member is heard about the suspension. A decision, with which the fund has rejected an application or suspended a member, can be appealed against in the Unemployment Security’s Appeal Board.

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