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Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
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Transfer between funds

You can transfer between unemployment funds when you are working. When transferring between funds, you have to join a new fund during one month of resigning from your previous fund to be able to keep the work condition you have gathered during the membership in your previous fund. The work condition does not accumulate during the time that possibly is left between resigning the old fund and joining a new fund.

It is possible to transfer between funds when you are working. For example during a lay-off you cannot transfer between funds. In this case, it is recommended that you first send your application to the new fund. Please send your resignation to your existing fund only after having received confirmation of the success of your new application but send the resignation promptly as you cannot be a member of two funds. In that way, you transfer to your new fund as an 'existing member' and your unemployment security continues uninterrupted. In this case, your existing time of membership and of employment will be carried over to the new fund.

In the application you can give YTK the power to take care of the resignation from the former fund for you. In this case, the fund will ask to end the membership to the previous day you join YTK. Please notice that the possible membership of a trade union you must end yourself. If your membership fee was collected straight from your salary in the former fund, please inform your accountant that you have transferred between funds. The membership fee of YTK you will have to pay yourself.

If you have already resigned from your previous unemployment fund, your time of employment and time of membership from the previous fund can only be counted towards your new membership if you join the new fund within one month of having resigned from the old fund. If you exceed the one-month joining period, your membership in the new fund will be that of a 'new member', i.e. you will start over with accruing the working time required for maintaining the employment condition and the transfer is not a transfer of funds.

It is also worth remembering that there may be a period between your resignation from one fund and joining another when you are not a member of either fund and therefore, remain uninsured. This period will not count towards your statutory employment condition. For this reason, the suggested method of resigning from the old fund only after having been accepted to the new fund is preferable. In any case, it is important to ensure that the membership fees of the old fund are paid up until the moment of resignation when you are transferring funds. When a membership begins during the year, the membership fee is that part of the annual membership fee that the member is actually a member from joining till the end of the year. If a membership is ended during the year, the member will be reimbursed that part of the annual membership fee when they no longer are a member of YTK, if the limitations mentioned in the rules do not hinder the payment of the reimbursement. When the annual membership fee is reimbursed for membership time, actual calendar days are used. Penalty interest is not paid for the reimbursed membership fee.

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