Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Joining Us

Member qualifications

Any employee under unemployment security legislation who has not turned 68 years of age qualifies as a member of YTK. As a wage earner is considered such employee who works in an employment relationship or public-service employment relationship. Entrepreneurs cannot insure themselves in YTK based on this. For example commissioned work or freelancer work or full time entrepreneurship prevents your membership. Also, unemployed or completely laid off people cannot apply for membership except for persons returning to the Finnish labour market from abroad with certain limitations.

In unemployment security, you are considered an entrepreneur firstly if you work for income without employment relationship or office.

Second, in unemployment security you can also be considered an entrepreneur if you co-own a company or are a family member of an entrepreneur. Assessment of entrepreneurial status is thus based on both your ownership share and that of your family’s, as well as whether your status in the company is managerial. You are considered a manager if you are the CEO, board member or hold another similar position in a limited liability company. Family members under the unemployment security legislation include persons living in the same household: spouse (also common-law spouse), children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents.

See Front page > Earnings security Abc > Entrepreneurship in unemployment security > Defining entrepreneurship in unemployment security, for in which situations you are considered an entrepreneur in different company forms.

The CEOs of limited liability companies and co-ops can join YTK. In these cases the entitlement to daily allowance is more limited than as an employee. A CEO is entitled to earnings-related daily allowance while unemployed. However, during a lay off there is no entitlement to daily allowance.

In some cases a person working through a cooperative or an enterprise supplying labour force can be considered as an entrepreneur, and not in an employment with which there would be an entitlement to join an employees’ fund. If the community supplying work force only acts as the invoicing agent of the payments and does not as such practice the field, the co-op or company cannot be seen as an employer under the employment contract legislation and the employee does not have the right to join an employees’ unemployment fund based on this. If you work through a community that supplies work force and would like to join an unemployment fund, we recommend you contact our customer service so that we can verify your entitlement to join our unemployment fund.

If you do not fulfill the membership qualifications and YTK does not accept your membership, a written decision with explanation is given under the unemployment fund legislation’s 4 §. You can make an appeal to this decision with the unemployment security’s appeal board.

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