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Be a realist

We all should secure our finances by joining an unemployment fund. YTK provides an option that is open, easy and affordable to all employees.

As a member of an unemployment fund you get earnings-related daily allowance if you become unemployed. The preconditions for receiving earnings-related daily allowance are:

  1. membership in an unemployment fund
  2. you have been a member for the minimum duration defined in the legislation
  3. you have fulfilled the employment condition during your membership

You can find more information on these matters.

The amount of earnings-related daily allowance is dependent on your wages, but even the minimum is considerably larger than the basic social security. You can access the daily allowance calculator here to estimate your earnings-related daily allowance.


Why is YTK so popular?

  1. YTK is the biggest unemployment fund in Finland: there are already almost 350.000 of us. Our large number of members guarantees that we endure during periods of high unemployment.
  2. With us earnings security costs 118 euros per calendar year. The price is very reasonable. This is because only earnings-related daily allowance belongs in our membership fee.
  3. Our kind and professional service guarantees that when you become unemployed, you get help fast. Joining is not complicated either and can be done easily right now. We can also take care of resigning from the previous unemployment fund for you, if you so wish.
  4. We also pay adjusted daily allowance swiftly. This allows you to accept short term employment without your finances getting mixed up.
  5. We provide you a variety of online services so that we can handle your application as quickly as possible. If you are completely unemployed, we handle your online application within a couple of days. That way the mail system does not slow down the payment of your daily allowance as your unemployment continues.
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