Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta

Member services

How do I send the application for earnings-related daily allowance to the fund?

You can send the earnings-related daily allowance application to the fund electronically through Oma YTK, by mail to PL 100, 32201 Loimaa, fax it to 02-7624 917 or deliver to the fund in person, address Teollisuuskatu 4, 32200 Loimaa. A continuing application of a completely unemployed person can be filled by phone in our automatic phone service. The best and fastest way to send an application is through Oma YTK and the automated phone service. In  Oma YTK you are guided in the application process and you do not need to wait for the benefit for the time it takes to send the application by mail. You can also send the application’s attachments through our website.

Can someone else do business with YTK on my behalf?

If you want that someone else can deal your matters with the fund, you need to deliver a power of attorney to the fund, in which you give this person the right. For your own sake, it is better to make the power of attorney specific, with regard to what issues can the person deal with, for example matters concerning applying for unemployment daily allowance and receiving information from the fund in matters concerning unemployment daily allowance. Thus the fund can be certain it is giving information only to persons with the entitlement to it and you can be sure the person only deals with the matters you wish them to deal with.

How can I resign from the fund?

If you wish to resign from the fund, please send us an informal notice in writing. The notice should include your name and either your membership number or your date of birth. The notice can be sent by post (Teollisuuskatu 4, 32200 Loimaa), fax (02 - 762 4917), or e-mail (eroilmoitus@ytk.fi). You can also send your resignation electronically on our website (www.ytk.fi) under resignation notice.

How do I inform you of a change in my contact information?

You can inform us of a change in your contact information easily in OmaYTK and thus make sure the fund has your up to date information. YTK checks the address information of each member yearly before the membership fee billing, but it is playing it safe to notify of the changes yourself.

Where do I get help, if I need legal guidance?

Regional State Administrative Agency’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration

From the Regional State Administrative Agency’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration you get information on employment legislation, employment contract, wages and dismissal issues, working hours and overtime, employment privacy protection, annual holiday issues, collective agreements or matters concerning the end of an employment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been divided regionally into five areas of responsibility. From the Occupational Safety and Health Administration mainpage, follow the links to each region’s own page.

Opuslex’s lawyers are at your service via telephone

Telephone consulting in number
0600-199 33

Weekdays between 9 – 17

Employment issues
family and inheritance law
price: 1 euro + lcc / minute

Opuslex is a nationwide network of roughly twenty independent law firms that work on their own account. The purpose of OpusLex network is to bring the law firms closer to the people, so that common people and companies can easily seek help before their issues have turned into real problems. However, this purpose does not mean that Opuslex cannot be consulted to find a solution after a problem has arisen.

Telephone consulting is given about the content of legislation and common principles that are followed in employment. These are for example changing the employment conditions, dismissal or termination of employment contract, annual holiday, working hours, equality, discrimination and compensations regarding them. However, on matters concerning the contents of the collective agreement (for example salary tables, minimum wages, certain days off and different bonuses) you can turn to the Regional State Administrative Agency’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration. All generally binding confirmed collective agreements, where each fields agreed wages and other details are stated, can be found in the state’s legislation databank’s webpage at http://www.finlex.fi/en/.

The OpusLex homepage contains a wide library of articles and a page introducing the function of court. From the map you can see how the network covers Finland’s different housing regions. By clicking a town you get to the nearest town’s office’s webpage, where further information on the office’s services can be found.

The Opuslex guidance is not a service provided by YTK, the service is provided by the law firms who are members of Opuslex. The lawyers are independent and work according to strict norms, always loyal to the client. Experience has shown that our members have received good advice to their problems through this network.

The Finnish Bar Association’s free consulting

The lawyers have a service in approximately ten towns across Finland where you get free guidance in all legal matters. The lawyer tells you whether you should seek judicial expert help and if necessary, guides you to the correct authority or to an expert lawyer. This service does not compile documents or handle other assignments. The discussions with the lawyer in this service are always confidential. Usually you cannot make an appointment to the service and guidance is not given via telephone.

The nearest place of lawyer service to you and the service hours you can find here.

For legal aid, the state has legal aid offices.

All kinds of legal services are given to those entitled to legal aid in the state’s legal aid offices. While practicing, the legal aid counsels of the legal aid offices are independent. There are 41 legal aid offices and they are usually situated in district court towns. A legal aid office may have more than one place of business if necessary. The manager of the state’s legal aid office is the leading legal aid counsel. Approximately 220 legal aid counsels and an equal number of office employees work in the offices. The client can turn to any legal aid office, the natural way is to turn to the office nearest to you. Legal aid offices have been divided into six legal aid districts that are managed by the legal aid services manager. The legal aid districts are divided into districts of Turku, Vaasa, Eastern-Finland, Helsinki, Kouvola and Rovaniemi. The legal aid districts have been formed according to the regional need of legal aid services.

Legal aid can be free or you may need to pay the excess. Seek legal aid at the legal aid office. The costs are formed according to the person’s income, expenditure, wealth and obligation to provide maintenance. Legal aid is not given, if the party has a legal expenses insurance that covers the reading of the matter.

The contact information of the nearest legal aid office to you can be found here.