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Benefits ABC

The effect of social benefits

Always notify the fund of all pensions and benefits you receive to avoid confusion. Remember to report foreign pensions and benefits as well.

The following social benefits reduce the amount of daily allowance:

  • disability pension under the legislation of another country
  • compensation for loss of earnings and disability pension under the Motor Liability Insurance Act (not complete disability) 
  • closure pension 
  • part-time pension
  • partial disability pension 
  • daily allowance under the Military injuries act 
  • daily allowance and accident pension under the Employment Accident Insurance Act 
  • an amount corresponding to the supplementary annuity under the Employment Accident Insurance Act
  •  additional pension registered according to the paragraph 11 under the Work Contract Act
  • unregistered additional pension by the employer
  • disability pension in subsection 4 of the paragraph 12 under the Basic Pension Act
  • home care allowance (care allowance/care supplement) NB! The municipal supplement for child home care allowance is not a statutory benefit and it is not reduced form the unemployment daily allowance.

The following benefits do not affect daily allowance:

  • housing allowance 
  • care allowance under the Basic Pension Act 
  • allowance for the care of a close relative paid by the municipality
  • child benefit 
  • flexible care allowance paid to your spouse
  • special cost compensations under the Traffic Insurance Act
  • partial early old age pension
  • family pensions including care and additional care pensions
  • subsidy under the Private care provider Act 
  • military allowance 
  • life annuity and supplementary annuity and special cost compensations under the Military Injuries Act
  • special cost compensations  under the Accident Insurance Act
  • handicap allowance under the Accident Insurance Act 
  • income support
  • handicap support 
  • additional war pensions, additional pensions taken by the person themself
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