Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Benefits ABC

Labour politic preconditions

The labour politic statement is a precondition for paying the benefit. The employment office studies the labour politic preconditions and gives a statement to the fund. To be able to receive earnings-related daily allowance the applicant must register as an unemployed job-seeker at the employment office. The fund can pay the daily allowance from the day of registering as a job-seeker at earliest, if there are no labour politic hindrances for paying the benefit. It is important that you register as a job-seeker at the employment office on your first unemployment day at latest. In order for the Employment office to write you a labour politic statment they will need to know the start and end dates of your employment contract. They will also need to know, why the contract has ended. The Employment office will also need to know if your contract was fixed-term or permanent. If you have been laid off, the Employment office will need a copy of the layoff notice.

When the employment office gives the labour politic statement, it studies:

  • Is the job-seeker employed in entrepreneurial activities? Full-time entrepreneurial activities or employment in own work that last for over two weeks do not entitle to unemployment benefits.
  • Is the job-seeker a full-time student? If the studying is full-time, there is no entitlement to unemployment benefit. This also applies to vacation periods of studying.
  • Is the job-seeker available at the labour market? If the job-seeker limits the acceptance of employment or training, they are not available at the labour market.
  • Has the job-seeker resigned and does it have a valid reason? Has the job-seeker been made redundant? If you have resigned without valid reason or have caused the termination of your employment, the employment office can order a 30 or 90 day period according to the duration of the employment, during which there is no entitlement to unemployment allowance. If there has been a valid reason or the contract has been terminated without one’s own fault, the employment office can give a clear labour politic statement.
  • Has the job-seeker declined work, training, making an employment plan or employment promoting services? Declining can result in losing the allowance for 30, 60 or 90 days depending on the case.
  • Has the job-seeker quit training or discontinued training or other employment promoting service? If the job-seeker does not have a valid reason for quitting or discontinuing, the employment office can order a 60 day period for which there is no entitlement to daily allowance.
  • Has the job-seeker neglected the employment plan? The neglecting can result in losing the allowance for 60 days.

Full-time student

A full-time student is not entitled to earnings-related daily allowance. The employment office studies the nature of the studying and gives a statement on the preconditions of paying daily allowance. When you start your studies, you should notify the employment office. Studying is seen full-time when it is a hindrance for accepting a full-time job.

University and university of applied sciences require full-time studies. Also upper secondary school requires full-time studying if the extent of the studies is at least 75 courses. Upper secondary education in a boarding school is also considered full-time. Vocational and other education is full-time, when according to the study plan there are at least three study weeks per month or at least 25 weekly hours.

When evaluating the full-time studies, the extent of the study plan, the work required by the studies and validity of the studies are taken into consideration. Studying as a pastime is not considered full-time.

The studying is full-time until the studies have verifiably ended. You need to show a degree or other certificate as a proof.

An unemployed person can study spontaneously without losing their entitlement to unemployment allowance under certain preconditions. More on spontaneous studies can be found in Employment promoting services.

Labour political probation

In certain cases, the employment authorities can demand a suspension period, during which the unemployed job-seeker is not entitled to the unemployment allowance. The suspension is ordered in the following situations:

If you have resigned without a valid reason or you have caused the termination of your employment, you are not entitled to the allowance for 90 days. If the job would have lasted for a maximum of two weeks, you are not entitled to the allowance for 30 days.

If your personal conduct has caused you to lose a work contract, you are not entitled to the allowance for 60 days. If the job would have lasted for a maximum of two weeks, you are not entitled to the allowance for 30 days. For rejecting an offered employment the waiting period is 90 days.

If you refuse to draft or revise a job seeking or other such plan or refuse a service included in the plan, your allowance is suspended for 60 days from the date of your refusal.

You can refuse work during the first three months of unemployment without losing entitlement to daily allowance, if it does not suit your professional skills. If the employer and the employee have agreed on interrupting the employment for a period of time (so-called resting employment), the employee does not have the professional skill protection for this time.

The former principles are applied also when you have refused a training, offered to you by employment authorities, without a valid reason, during which your and the those you take care of income is reasonably secured or id you without valid reason have resigned or have had to resign from a training.

If you repeatedly refuse to accept a job or training offer for no valid reason, or by your other repeated actions prove unwilling to work, be trained or accept employment services, the allowance is suspended until such time that you have been at work or in employment political training for at least three months.

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