Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Benefits ABC

Preconditions for payments

Mobility allowance must be applied for before the beginning of the employment.

Mobility allowance is paid to a person who is entitled to unemployment benefits and who accepts a job that lasts at least 2 months where the regular working hours are at least 18 hours per week. The commute in full-time employment must be altogether over 3 hours per day and in part-time employment altogether over 2 hours per day.

Commute means the time that is spent traveling from your current home address to the work place (actual work place’s address). Give the average travel time in normal weather and other conditions in the mobility allowance application. You can include the time spent changing transportation with the waiting times. Only give the time spent on the commute, for example time spent taking the children to the daycare is not included.

The purpose of mobility allowance is to encourage accepting employment. During the employment, shortening the commute under the given limits, for example due to moving or better transportation connections, does not affect the right to receive the allowance.

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