Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Benefits ABC

Service range


The Employment and Economic Development Offices range of services include coaching that is divided into job search coaching and career coaching. All the job seekers taking part in job search and career coaching are entitled to unemployment benefits due to participation in the services, as well as the right to travel allowance. The Employment and Economic Development Office provides an employment political statement on participation to the services. The benefit and the travel allowance can be paid for days of participation.

Try outs

Try out services are divided into training try outs in an educational facility and to a work try out. A job seeker participating in a try out is entitled to an unemployment benefit and travel allowance due to participation in an employment promoting service. The employment office gives an employment political statement about participation in a try out.  The benefit and the travel allowance can be paid for days of participation.

Recruitment trial is a possibility to consider in short-term if a job is suitable before signing an employment contract. During recruitment trial you are paid the unemployment benefit that you also receive while unemployed based on your unemployment. Recruitment trial is not an employment promoting service and during it expense compensation or increased earnings-related portion is not paid. The recruitment trial can last for a maximum of one month with the same trial organizer.

Recruitment trial is a widened form of work trial and it is valid until the end of the year 2018.

Labour training (former labour political adult training)

As labour training, the employment and economic development offices provide vocational skills training and integration training meant in the Act on Promotion of Integration. In addition, labour training can be offered as an adult basic education, if the lack of basic education syllabus would be an obstacle for completing vocational training.

During labour training period, unemployment benefits can be paid, even if the person is considered a full-time entrepreneur, or even if he is not unemployed or laid off entirely, if he is, however, under a threat of unemployment. In this case, the full-time entrepreneur can be paid the earnings-related allowance’s basic part. If a person is employed, but is under threat of unemployment, he or she can be paid the earnings-related daily allowance including the earnings-related part. The Employment and Economic Development Office estimates the full-time entrepreneurship as well as the threat of unemployment for those attending the training and informs about it in the employment political statement. Those, who are employed and are not subject to unemployment, are not entitled to unemployment benefits.

Unemployment benefit supported job seeker’s voluntary studies

The TE offices offer the possibility to voluntary studies for those jobseekers that are in need of vocational training. You might be entitled to earnings-related daily allowance during voluntary studies if:

  • you are a registered jobseeker at the TE offices,
  • you have turned 25 years of age by the time the studies begin,
  • you are in need of studies according to the TE offices,
  • the TE offices estimate that supporting the voluntary studies is the most practical means to improve your skills and possibilities to find employment or to maintain one,
  • supporting the studies is part of your agreed employment plan or other such plan before starting the studies and
  • the preconditions of unemployment security legislation for receiving earnings-related daily allowance are met.

The TE offices issue a statement about voluntary studies to the fund. The statement notifies us about the studies being included in the employment plan. During voluntary studies, earnings-related daily allowance can be paid with the possible increases. Expense compensation is paid during voluntary studies, if the studying that is supported with unemployment benefits has started before 1.1.2017.

The studies can be supported altogether for 24 months towards a study program. The support time runs regardless of the possibility that daily allowance is not paid, for example during the dividing of an employer’s support package. If you study for longer than 24 months, you might be considered a full time student in which case you are not entitled to unemployment daily allowance. TE offices follow the progress of your studies and reaching the maximum period of 24 months. Studies could exceptionally be supported for a maximum of 48 months, if the purpose of the studies is to finish the syllabus of comprehensive school.

If the division of your studies has been agreed upon, the maximum period only runs during the agreed study periods. The time between the periods is not study time and unemployment daily allowance is not paid for those times based on the studies. While unemployed you might be entitled to daily allowance between study periods based on your unemployment.

The voluntary studies supported with unemployment daily allowance need to be full time. The TE offices examine whether they can be considered full time. If you change your study plan so that your formerly part-time studies become full time, you can ask the TE offices to examine the preconditions for supporting your studies again. Studies that are considered full time:

  • studies aiming for an undergraduate or graduate degree,
  • upper secondary school studies for the young,
  • studies which are approximately at least 5 study points or 3 study weeks per study month or, if the scope of the studies has not been measured in study points or weeks, 25 hours per week.

Studies that have begun earlier are usually only supported when the purpose is to continue studies that have been suspended for at least a year. The suspension time is mainly calculated from the last course marked on the study register. The studies cannot be seen to have been suspended in the required way if you have participated in classes during the year or for example received guidance for your thesis. The suspension of one year is not required if the studies have been started during employment or if the same studies have previously been used as employment training. As an exception, voluntary studies can be supported with unemployment benefits without requiring the studies to be interrupted for at least a year, if the studies have been started during periodization of a financial benefit from the employer. Supporting the studies could be agreed upon after starting the studies, if the studies have been started during the periodization of a financial benefit. For more information, contact the TE offices

Only for a special reason can completely new university studies be supported with unemployment daily allowance. Studies leading to a licentiate or doctoral degree cannot be supported with unemployment daily allowance. Also notice that open university studies cannot be viewed as full time studies.

You can ask the employment offices to interrupt the support for studies. However, you must have a valid reason for the interruption. The validity of the reason is determined by the employment offices.

If you fulfill a new employment condition during the studies, the maximum period does not start over. A new waiting period is not set and the level of earnings-related daily allowance is not defined again. If the maximum period runs out during your studies, you are no longer entitled to earnings-related daily allowance during the studies. In this situation you may receive labor market support from the SII. When your studies end, you are entitled to earnings-related daily allowance if the other preconditions are met. In that situation your entitlement to earnings-related daily allowance is based on employment condition that has been fulfilled during studies. The maximum payment period starts over, the level of your earnings-related daily allowance is re-defined and a new waiting period is set.

Integration benefit supported immigrant’s voluntary studies

Voluntary studies under integration benefit are regulated by the Act on Promotion of Integration, in its 22–24 §. The Employment and Economic Development Office gives the fund a statement about the studies.

Rehabilitating work activities meant in the Act on Rehabilitating Work Activities

The Employment and Economic Development Office and the municipality draw an activation plan with the person and organize a suitable service. The Employment and Economic Development Office provides an employment political statement about taking part in rehabilitating work activities. Benefit and travel allowance can be paid for days of participation. The travel allowance, however, cannot be paid increased for the period of rehabilitative work.

More information about the employment promoting services can be found at the employment office or on the employment administration’s website at www.te-palvelut.fi.

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