Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Benefits ABC

Absence from the employment promoting services

Unemployed job seekers taking part in the services receive unemployment benefit based on taking part on employment promoting services. The earnings-related daily allowance is not paid for absent days from the services, unless the reason is disability to work, the illness of a child under 10 years of age (a maximum of four days), a job interview or other such reason, that has to do with employment. In labour training and voluntary studying daily allowance can however be paid for absent days as well.

From 1.1.2013 onwards, the unemployment fund will no longer ask for an employment political statement from the employment and economic development office when the job seeker has been away from the service for the promotion of the employment due to their own incapacity or the illness of a less than a 10-year-old child. The unemployment fund is thus satisfied with the information on the length of absence and that the reason for absence is the applicant's own disability or less than a 10-year-old child's illness. Applicant's notice of absence is enough, if it is a maximum of 3 consecutive days of sick leave. For more than 3 days of sick leave, a doctor’s or a public health nurse’s certificate must be provided for the unemployment fund. If the applicant fails to submit a doctor's certificate, the unemployment fund must reject the earnings-related allowance from the fourth day of absence.

When the absence is due to the illness of a child less than 10-year-old, a medical certificate is not asked at all. The child's illness is a legitimate reason for being absent for four consecutive days. If the child's condition continues for longer, the earnings-related daily allowance can be rejected from the fifth day of absence. The above practices are pretty much in line with employment’s procedures for absences due to illness. Job seeker's responsibility now is to properly explain their absence and the reason for it for the unemployment fund, when applying for a benefit.

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