Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
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Preconditions for alternation leave

Employment precondition

To take alternation leave, you must be in employment or have a job position or other position similar to a job position with your employer. If your employment is not full-time, your working time in the part-time employment must be at least 75% of the full-time working hours of an employee in that field. As a full-time entrepreneur you cannot take alternation leave.

Work history precondition

A precondition to alternation leave is that you have 20 years of employment under the work pension legislation and/or from 1.1.2007 onwards you have earnings from at least 20 years of employment entitling to work pension. Also work as an entrepreneur is counted towards the work history. Also time other than employment meant in the work pension legislation can be parallel to employment, such as family leave, military service, civil military service and nursing leave based on employment contract legislation and collective agreements. A maximum of a quarter of the time can be this kind of parallel time.

Work performed in the EU/EEA countries or in Switzerland is also taken into consideration when calculating the work history precondition. See more information about working abroad at Working abroad and unemployment security.

If the alternation leave contract has been made before 31.12.2015 and the alternation leave begins before 31.3.2016, the old 16 year work history from the old law applies to the work history precondition.

Employment condition

A precondition for alternation leave is that you have been working for your employer for at least 13 months in a row before the alternation leave begins. This period can contain a maximum of 30 calendar days of absence without pay. Absence due to sickness or injury is parallel to working. It is also required that the aforementioned work has been full-time which means that your working hours have been over 75% of the working hours of a full-time employee.

The top age limit of the alternator

Alternation leave cannot begin after the end of that calendar month during which the alternator has turned the age that is the top age limit. The top age limit for alternation leave parallels the minimum age limit of old-age pension. The top age limit is the minimum age limit of old-age pension minus three years. According to the current employee’s pension legislation the top age limit is thus 60 years. Please notice that the top age limit can also be lower than this if you transfer to old-age pension, based on the so-called vocational pension system or additional pension system, already before the minimum age limit for old-age pension according to the employee’s pension legislation is fulfilled.

Alternation contract

The employer must make a written contract of the alternation leave with the employee where the employer commits to hiring a temporary worker. The alternation contract must be delivered to the TE offices before the alternation leave begins. Also deliver the employment contract of the temporary worker or other similar reliable clarification about hiring a temporary employee for the duration of the alternation leave to the TE offices without delay i.e. within approx. a week from the beginning of the alternation leave. Alternation compensation cannot be paid until the TE offices have received the aforementioned documents.

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