Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
About YTK

Target situation 2020

Everybody has the right to get the best service

Everybody is allowed to become a member of YTK. We do not limit our membership based on field or title. Employees and entrepreneurs from any field can join the fund.

We exist for our members and that is why we offer good and effective service in all our channels. Our members have the right to receive the best service in matters concerning unemployment security. We develop our digital services for the benefit of our members.

We are in the center of finnish working life

We already are the biggest unemployment fund in Finland. However, there are approximately half a million employees in Finland, who have not insured themselves in case of unemployment. We want to raise our number of members so that all who work would have income security in the future. YTK is a stable unemployment fund whose leveling fund is always at a sufficient level considering the unemployment rate of our members.

Work in the future is different from what it is today. We are passionately working for being able to take care of the security of those working in Finland in the changes of the working life, also tomorrow. We understand that as the working life changes, also the regulations need to change and we are actively taking part in planning the work of the future.

Only together can we be the best team

To build the best work place in Finland everybody is needed, you and me. We have the best team and the best coaching. YTK is the most attractive employer in its region, so that we get to choose the best talents that commit to work according to our values.


Bridge builder in working life

YTK’s task is to organize earnings security to unemployed members. We take care of this task quickly, efficiently, kindly and justly. The earnings security is funded by the government, employers and members of YTK, to whom we are responsible for legitimate decisions and equal treatment of members. We take part in developing technology and take advantage of the development in the service of our members and in our work. Know-how is the base of our success and we want to develop in our work every day. We at YTK have different tasks. In every position it is important that we support each other and share good policies so that we can all be successful in our tasks. YTK is a financially sound operator, the efficiency of administration is important to us so that even in a challenging employment situation we can keep the membership fee as reasonable as possible. It is also important that the membership fee does not change from year to year.

Your guide

YTK’s members get kind, reliable and equal service from us. Keeping the promises we have given the customers is a matter of honour for us. We value and respect our colleagues, members and partners. We understand that for every member becoming unemployed is a financial and personal hardship. YTK’s task is to help the unemployed with professional advice, so that they can take care of their daily allowance as effortlessly as possible. We have several channels of service from which the members can choose. The unemployment security advisers in our customer service focus on advising their customers by phone and online. Our benefit processing handles daily allowance applications quickly and professionally.

A daring conversationalist

We want to start discussion on matters concerning unemployment security. We are a professional in operating the unemployment security and want to bring our know-how to developing the system. The unemployment security system has become complex over the years and we want to participate in simplifying the legislation and bring forth the parts that need changing. The unemployment security system should never make keeping or receiving employment more difficult. We are open to change; the purpose of new policies is to improve work methods and environment. As a working community we are honest and give feedback directly. We speak out constructively about matters concerning our work and working environment and strive to build an even better work place.

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