Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
About YTK

Management and organisation

YTK like other funds is a community of mutual responsibility. The highest decision-making body is the meeting of the fund’s members, who chooses the board. The board of YTK comprises of the chairman and six proper members and their personal substitutes, who are chosen by the meeting of the fund. The board nominates the fund’s liable worker, ie. the CEO and the other members of the fund’s management.

The chairman of YTK’s board is from 1.1.2015 onwards Tuomas Helle for the next triennial. The board of the fund will choose a vice chairman amongst themselves annually and nominate the board’s secretary.

YTK’s office is situated in Loimaa, where all services are operated. The management of YTK comprises of CEO Auli Hänninen, Financial director Antti Jokinen, CDO Rami Lehtonen, Service manager Anna Mäkelä-Mäki and Customer manager Heli Salonen.

Providing services to our members is at the center of our operations. Here we handle applications and customer service. It serves our members by telephone, online and at our premises in Loimaa. We have a single service number (02) 760 7620 where we handle all questions and inquiries concerning membership or daily allowance. To support providing services, we have support actions which include finance and investment actions, HR, legislation, communication and influencing as well as development and IT.

The organisation of the fund is built in a way that we can as effectively and with highest possible quality carry out our main mission, securing benefits for our members and a kind and expert customer service. The personnel and the data systems are our most important resources and we have in the previous years focused our management so that the knowledge of our personnel and the data systems that support effective working are secured for the future.

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